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in development (Hololens iOS)

Lightray manipulating AR puzzle game exploring the spatial possibilities of the augmented view. Redirect and filter colored lightrays through movement of game pieces on a board. Elaborates on a puzzle previously created for Disoriented. Started as a Hololens playground in Unity3D, maturing with ARKit on iOS, possibly adding Android in the future. Has now an ingame editor for creating and sharing your own levels. Watch some recent iOS screenshots (non AR) or an early demo video of the Hololens Version.

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2017 (Win/OS X/Linux)

First person maze exploration adventure with puzzles and interactive storytelling made with Unity3D as a multimedia group project at Beuth Unitversity of Applied Sciences. Comes with wallpainting mechanism instead of automap and encourages selfdrawn maps by using a grid layout. More infos, images and free download at itch.io

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2016 (Android)

Mobile GPS based, city scale tag game heavily influenced by Scotland Yard. Each player uses a device with a map pinpointing the position of the others. The chased gets a headstart and his position is only updated periodically. Made as a software engineering group project at Beuth Unitversity of Applied Sciences. Server and Client written in Java.

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2015 (Win/OS X)

Fast reaction elevator action arcade game programmed in a dream and written in JavaFX. You'll need all your fingers and a quick eye to withstand the rush of hotel guests. More infos, images and free download at itch.io


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2018 (iOS)

Smartphone app enabling multiuser realtime manipulation and permanent real world location placement of virtual objects in AR. Made for my Thesis B.Sc. at Beuth University of Applied Sciences. Client(Unity3D + ARKit) Server(node.js + express + Socket.IO + mongoDB). Watch a demo video.



2016 (Java)

Raytracer, written in Java. Made as a group project at Beuth Unitversity of Applied Sciences. Source at GitHub


Hi, my name is Oliver Kniejski and i make games & sounddesign. I’ve worked on many Unity Projects for multiple platforms, including Hololens and iOS ARKit. Currently, I am developing a puzzle game for iOS. Have a look at some of my personal projects.

Get in touch: mail@evilco.de